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Jeannie and Adam interview 35-year customer experience pro Jeanne Bliss about her new book “Would You Do That To Your Mother? The ‘Make Mom Proud’ Standard For How To Treat Your Customers.”

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Jeanne Bliss pioneered the role of the Chief Customer Officer, holding the first ever CCO role for over 20 years at Lands’ End, Microsoft, Coldwell Banker and Allstate Corporations. Reporting to each company’s CEO, she moved the customer to the strategic agenda, creating transformational changes to each brands’ customer experience. She has driven achievement of 95 percent loyalty rates, improving customer experiences across 50,000-person organizations. She is now the President of CustomerBliss, where she guides the C-Suite and Chief Customer Officers around the world on earning business growth by improving customers’ lives. Her clients include: AAA, Johnson & Johnson, Brooks Brothers, Bombardier Aerospace, and Kaiser Permanente. She is a sought after speaker and thought-leader, the author of three best-selling books, and co-founder of the Customer Experience Professionals Association.

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Does the way you do business make mom proud?

If it doesn’t, then 35-year customer experience pioneer Jeanne Bliss, (or as co-host Jeannie Walters calls her, “the Fairy Godmother of Customer Experience,”) says you have a lot to think about!

As Jeanne explains in this fun and enlightening interview, we’ve come so far with customer experience, having added many new practices and technologies, we’ve actually lost our way. So she wrote a book to use as a guide for getting back to the heart of the matter by doing things your mother would be proud of. It makes a lot of sense!

We’re giving you exclusive highlights from Jeanne’s book, which is not only a fun, enlightening read, but a set of tools you can keep and share. She covers surprisingly simple ways to understand the customer experience, bring clarity, drive conversations in your organization, and more importantly, take action!

Each chapter of Would You Do That To Your Mother includes 4 key elements that serve as a toolkit to help you better focus on the customer and simplify your efforts, then put that insight to work in the real world.

Jeanne Bliss

Here’s a quick peek at what each chapter includes:

  • Comic – Here’s what’s happening to the customer…so, do we get it!?
  • Case study – Here’s what other brands have done, and more importantly, how to make it operational.
  • Mom lens – How would your mom view this situation, and what would she have you do?
  • Summary and quiz – Let’s make sure you get it! Take the quiz, then evaluate your understanding on a five-point scale.

We can’t possibly cover everything from this amazing book, but we certainly tried with this interview! Packed with case studies, expert tips, and lots of fun extras, this episode is one to keep in your back pocket, take notes on, and share with colleagues.

Wouldn’t it be great to know everything you do in business would make your mom proud? Then get your feet off the coffee table and listen in!

Interview Highlights

  • Why did Jeanne write this book, and more importantly, why should we be making our moms proud? [3:08]
  • “Removing the bar of soap moments from our customers’ lives” is an edgy chapter title, and there are more like this! So why did Jeanne theme the book this way? [5:05]
  • What would make mom proud in business, and especially in customer experience? Jeanne shares favorite examples [8:00]
  • If they’re equally important, then how do you balance empowerment with customer-centric guidelines? Jeanne defines some guide rails for you! [12:04]
  • Jeanne rolled many great comics and visualizations into her book, so how can we use these as tools along with the book? [18:20]

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