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Jeannie and Adam discuss the Green Apple concept and how personal interests make us better professionals with Green Apple podcast host and CPA turned comedian, John Garrett.

About our guest

John Garrett, “The Recovering CPA,” is on a mission to help firms develop a culture where professionalism doesn’t suffocate your personality. He graduated from the University of Notre Dame with an accounting degree before starting at PwC and earning his CPA. Then he became a professionally-touring comedian, has a comedy album on SiriusXM, is an Emmy-nominated writer, hosts The Green Apple Podcast and most importantly, really enjoys ice cream and college football, especially at the same time. He also has a book coming out in the fall of 2018.

Connect with John

John Garrett, the Green Apple concept, and… Furbies!?

(Okay, maybe Furbies don’t have a whole lot to do with this podcast, but they make some of us happier and more interesting, and that’s the point!)

We’re often told to keep personal interests out of the workplace. In fact, this idea is so ingrained into our culture that most of us don’t even need to be told. So as we strive for success, we focus more and more on our jobs and less on the things that make us happy as people.

While this may demonstrate a dedication to our jobs and our professions, letting go of our hobbies and interests, or just leaving them out of our professional lives, actually works against us. That’s why we’re delighted to welcome fellow podcaster, Recovering CPA and comedian John Garrett to the show.

John explains how staying in touch with the things we feel passionate about personally not only makes us happier people but makes us better professionals too!

In this enlightening and fun episode, we dig into the Green Apple concept and why keeping a sense of self is important both inside and outside of the workplace. Filled with anecdotes and a bit of neuroscience, John brings real-world inspiration to this interview, so you and your team can be happier and more successful all around.

Listen in to learn about the Green Apple concept, and you’ll leave with great ideas about how to reconnect with and celebrate the things that make you and your team interesting. Don’t leave out this vital ingredient for being more successful at work, leaving a lasting impression, creating better relationships, and just living better all around.

Interview Highlights

  • What is the Green Apple concept, and why is it important? [3:25]
  • How do personal interests impact the employee and customer experiences? [6:00]
  • How does professionalism work against us over time? Better yet, how can we do better? [9:00]
  • John shares expert advice for leaders to help employees leverage their individuality to avoid burnout at work. [15:00]
  • Most cultures don’t actively support sharing of personal interests, so what should you do? [21:00]
  • LOL Bonus: How can a Furby collection save your company $150K? [22:30]

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