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Adam Toporek shares research and expert insights for discovering which retail touchpoints are most important to your customers.

How to prioritize your retail touchpoints

In retail, we’re told that every touchpoint matters. And although that may be true, it’s not very helpful when you need prioritize and make a difference your customers will applaud today. In that case, you need to discover which retail touchpoints matter the most.

But that’s a tall order when you consider how all customers are different. What’s more, the most profitable of your customers may have different priorities than the majority. So, how do you look for touchpoints that bring you the most ROI?

These decisions will never be easy to make, but you’ve got some help! Today, Adam has some surprising data to share about retail customers and which touchpoints they say matter most to them. As it turns out, they don’t care as much about some of the touchpoints you might rank high on the list! Some healthy food for your retail thoughts!

However, Adam points out that what customers say they want may not speak for how they respond to improvements they didn’t ask for. So balancing these ingredients is tricky work! The right mix of improvements may lead to a measurable uptick in customer satisfaction, while the wrong mix could just blow up in your face.

Step into Adam’s lab and discover the right concoction for your retail customers. (No safety glasses needed!)

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