Jeannie and Adam discuss the shifting landscape of storytelling in journalism with L.A. Times VP of Strategy and Development Clint Schaff.

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Clint Schaff is an executive, educator and entrepreneur that builds community through marketing communications and advertising content. In 2016, Clint joined the Los Angeles Times as its VP of Strategy and Development, and is developing innovative content platforms and utilities in areas including premium branded entertainment.  Prior to that, he had built and led agency teams for The Wonderful Company, GroupM, Golin, Edelman and Vision7. His work at Edelman with Activision’s Call of Duty won a Grand Effie, a Gold Effie and a Gold Sabre.  Early in his career, Clint took on leadership roles within labor unions and for political campaigns, and served as a White House intern. Clint also serves as an adjunct professor at USC’s Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism.

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The L.A. Times and the shifting landscape of storytelling

Today’s consumer demands high quality content, delivered where and when they want it, and with context that suits their personality. As a result, brands are constantly pushing to tell their stories in different ways on many platforms.

With the rise of social media, blogging, artificial intelligence, storytelling in journalism has taken on staggering complexity in terms of serving different kinds of consumers. Gone are the days when the newest stories were only delivered via newspaper or TV. Consumers get their news through text messages, social media, blogs, YouTube videos, and more. What’s more, they are now able to engage with the stories – sharing their own opinions and sparking debates amongst themselves.

So how can your brand approach storytelling for the changing masses? More importantly, what’s the experience you’re trying to deliver, and on what channels?

We’d love to take some lessons from a brand that’s in the business of storytelling! So we’re thrilled to bring you Clint Schaff, VP of Strategy and Development at the L.A. Times.

In this interview, Clint shares how the L.A. Times navigates the changing landscape of journalism to deliver news on many platforms to different audiences. They’ve found amazing ways to inform and engage people around stories they may have already heard. In fact, they give readers a chance to share their own take on stories that continue to develop while being heard.

It’s an amazing time for journalism, no doubt! But it’s also an amazing time for YOU – whether you’re a writer or a brand telling stories to engage customers. Telling your story in ways everyone will identify with is incredibly powerful in the digital age. Listen in for tips from a leader in the storytelling business.

Interview Highlights

  • How is the L.A. Times adapting to the changing media landscape? Moreover, how are they serving customers in new ways? [5:15]
  • Some people want hard news while others want sensational and entertaining news. So how does the L.A. Times address balance these two very different audiences? [11:40]
  • What do we need to change to tell better stories for today’s ever-diversifying audiences? [13:50]
  • Clint gives us a peek at what’s new for the 2018 Festival of Books, the world’s largest literary event. [17:00]
  • If the L.A. Times does so much aggregating to tell more meaningful stories, then how do they cut through the noise? [24:35]

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