Not My Job

Something important needs to be done and employees say “It’s not my job!” This happens A LOT! In this episode, Jeannie and Adam explore why this happens and how to fix it.

“It’s not my job!”

Chances are, you’ve heard this refrain from employees when asked to step outside the confines of their job description. And while responsibility creep and role creep are very real issues employees may need to watch out for, it becomes a problem when your team isn’t willing to pitch in for the greater good.

This becomes an even bigger problem during times of change. When leaders need their teams to pull together for the sake of creating better experiences, then receive nothing but pushback or even outright refusal to cooperate, the notion of positive change can seem like a pipe dream. After all, it’s not written into their job descriptions! As a leader, what can you do!?

It’s great to have superstars who love to jump in and help with whatever needs to be done. But in our experiences, those superstars are typically few and far between. But what if everyone on your team could be a superstar? What if they all saw the value of jumping in to work for a greater good?

Today, we’re looking at the cultural, organizational and emotional triggers behind “not-my-job-itis.” More importantly, we’re exploring some of the best ways to build a culture that instills a sense of ownership that makes your superstars, well, super!

Creating better experiences should be everyone’s job. Listen in to make that happen in your organization.

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