Retail Apocalypse


Jeannie and Adam discuss ways to inform your team and keep them motivated through the retail apocalypse.

Retail apocalypse: Who thinks the end is nigh!?

Rumor has it we’re in the retail apocalypse…have you heard of this? With increased competition and ever-increasing customer expectations, the evidence is all around us. The internet is all abuzz with what this means for businesses on the macro level, but what about the actual people in your organization?

Your employees see the evidence too. Stress is at an all-time high for many retailers, and that stress trickles down into your staff. While some retail staff try to manage their stress through therapy or remedies like delta 8 carts, many won’t be able to manage without your help.

More and more retail staff are calling in sick because they are stressed or are quitting their jobs because of the fear on the horizon. Obviously, you want to avoid this at all costs, but how can you address this?

Although it’s hard to talk to employees about hard times, it’s much worse to leave them to their own securities. They’re not blind to plummeting stocks, negative sentiment in reviews… not to mention those customers who bring these things up to them!

While they plug away at their jobs, employees who once felt secure are now asking questions in their heads, like “How long will this last?” “Will I still have a job tomorrow?” If you’re not talking to them about this, then there’s a good chance they’re planning their escape.

So, what can you do about this? How do you support your team and tell them the truth without creating a panic? Adam and Jeannie have some great tips – not only for starting these tough conversations, but for keeping your team motivated and sending them home feeling good about what they’ve done.

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