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Adam and Jeannie share tips for making new channels a seamless part of the overall customer experience from the inside out.

Working new channels into your DNA

Customers are engaging with brands on more channels that ever before. It’s staggering how quickly a new channel can change the way customers buy, engage, and just live their lives. As a result, smart leaders put a lot into developing those channels quickly to have a presence wherever heir customers are. But in the age of smart watches and virtual assistants, it’s a tall order! And who knows what’s next!?

Just providing and managing new channels for your customers is only part of the work.

Then what about the internal aspect? When new channels put a strain on internal processes and resources, or just aren’t considered, the experiences delivered through them tend to fall short or fail altogether. Even big companies who invest heavily in diversifying their multichannel experience leave customers scratching their heads or just plain angry.

New channels are being rolled out at a rapid pace! Are you prepared to integrate them in ways that serve customers better where they need it most? More importantly, how can you ensure these new channels will thrive within the ecosystem created by your internal processes?

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Take care of yourself and take care of your customers.