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Adam and Jeannie interview Michel Falcon to explore employee and customer engagement strategies that lead to amazing experiences that scale.

About our guest

Michel Falcon is an entrepreneur, advisor and international keynote speaker who leverages customer experience and employee engagement strategies to grow businesses. He has been hired by multi-million and billion-dollar companies across dozens of industries to improve their customer experience and employee engagement and has traveled to countries like Canada, USA, Israel, Austria, Australia, Nigeria, Germany.

Michel has worked with and spoken to companies like McDonalds, Verizon Wireless, BlueCross BlueShield, Alfa Romeo, Electronic Arts and many others. As an entrepreneur, Michel is a partner in a hospitality company based in Toronto, Ontario that owns and operates restaurants that earns more than $10,000,000 in yearly revenue and has over 100 employees.

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Leveraging culture for amazing experiences

If you want to deliver outstanding experiences, then you must have an amazing culture to match.

Today’s guest, Michel Falcon, is an expert at creating employee engagement strategies that lead to lower employee turnover. And better yet, amazing customer experiences that scale.

First off, Michel explains that proper engagement starts with recruiting. In fact, it should start before you even consider hiring! As a result of the special process Michel shares with our listeners, organizations have cut significant overhead by frontloading much of the work and starting off right.

But it’s not just about hiring the right people and training them right. Perhaps even more importantly,  you need a solid ongoing engagement strategy. Get your note pad ready, because Michel shares some innovative ways he engages new hires right from the start, then keeps them engaged for the long term.

So, how does all of this relate to the customer experience? Don’t worry, because Michel’s strategies for hiring and engagement are only part of what we cover today! You will hear amazing stories and tried-and-true experience strategies that can only work if your culture and hiring process are aligned with the ideal experience.

Packed with scalable tips for hiring, training, designing experiences, and keeping engagement high on all fronts, this is a must-listen episode for leaders in any industry. You won’t believe some of Michel’s strategies actually work, but the results have been amazing. So, what are you waiting for? Listen in!

Interview Highlights

  • Michel outlines his innovative process for hiring the right people. What are some key questions? [3:30]
  • What is the $20 indulgence question, and why is it such a powerful tool – not just for recruiting, but for ongoing engagement? [7:20]
  • Confession: Michel “stole” this strategy from John DiJulius (because it’s awesome!) [12:30]
  • Michel has a special budget for “micro experiences,” but what are they, and how does his Experience Coordinator manage them? [16:35]
  • How does Michel use video as a customer experience tool? [22:00]

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