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Adam and Jeannie discover how to attract your ideal customers with Jeffrey Shaw, author of LINGO: Discover Your Ideal Customer’s Secret Language.

About our guest

Having a keen eye isn’t just for what one sees, but also for what one senses. Jeffrey Shaw, has been the go-to portrait photographer Rhode Island for an exclusive clientele for 30+ years. His portraits have appeared on The Oprah Show, CBS News, in “O” Magazine, People Magazine and New York Family Magazine. Jeffrey is also the host of the popular business podcast Creative Warriors and a featured speaker on The Moth.

Now Jeffrey uses his honed intuition to see and sense to help businesses stand out, attract their ideal customers, and create brand loyalty that supersedes price. His book, LINGO: Discover Your Ideal Customer’s Secret Language and Make Your Business Irresistible helps business owners and entrepreneurs understand their ideal customers on a deeper level, increasing engagement and profits.

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Jeffrey Shaw and the power of the customer lingo

As an entrepreneur or growing business, it’s critical to differentiate yourself and get noticed. But too often, brands get noticed by the wrong prospect. And to make matters worse, it’s very difficult to turn down the “wrong” customers. So, how can you attract the “right” customers while diversifying your clientele?

There are many ways to do this, but too often, it amounts to wasted time and resources going above and beyond to appeal to less-than-ideal customers. have you considered the language you use as a driving force?

Today’s guest, Jeffrey Shaw, has unlocked the power of the customer lingo. Through experience, he has discovered that by narrowing down the language we use, you can not only make better connections, but also expand your audience.

A big part of this is about turning inward to better understand your own language and differentiator. Jeffrey shares some great ways to discover and develop your own customer lingo. Through powerful anecdotes and inspiring stories, he tells us how this concept can make a huge difference for any business.

So, how about attracting more of the “right” customers, expanding your audience, and creating better experiences for everyone through a better understanding of your own unique customer lingo? Listen to this episode, and you can start today!

Interview highlights:

  • Before committing to a client, what’s Jeffrey’s strategy for gauging if they’re a good fit? [3:00]
  • How can we start aligning our company’s identity with the language of our customers? [5:00]
  • Jeffrey tells us his own story of Cracking the Customer Code, aka discovering the power of customer lingo! [8:12]
  • What’s Jeffrey’s unique approach to the 80/20 rule, and more importantly, why we must do better? [9:45]
  • Jeffrey shares a prime example of a brand getting on the customers’ wavelength. [13:30]
  • “What is the “New Niche?” Moreover, why is Jeffrey standing on his head!? [15:00]
  • We’re in what’s widely known as “the age of specialization.” So how does Jeffrey’s concept of customer lingo fit in? [20:30]

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