In this mini leadership guide for the holidays, Jeannie and Adam share tips and ideas to make the holiday season more meaningful and less stressful for customers and employees alike.

A quick leadership guide for the holidays

We have a special holiday episode for you!

The holidays are not only about spreading extra cheer, but also about giving thanks. And it’s one thing to say “thank you” to customers and employees, but showing them you appreciate them is another.

Does your gratitude shine through in the way you do business?

This time of year is more stressful for just about everyone. So what can you do to make sure your gratitude is felt throughout the holiday season? Adam and Jeannie have some great ideas to share!

Special segment

We really appreciate the feedback we receive from listeners to help us keep improving the show. In fact, we have a special shout out for one of you, plus a special message for all of you. Thank you for listening, and Happy Thanksgiving!

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Take care of yourself and take care of your customers.

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Take care of yourself and take care of your customers.