Adam and Jeannie discuss an innovative approach to the education experience with Katy Lynch, Co-founder and CMO at Codeverse.

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Katy Lynch is the Co-founder and CMO at Codeverse, the world’s first full interactive coding school and educational tech platform for kids that was founded on the mission to teach one billion children to code.

Prior to Codeverse, Katy was the CEO of Techweek, the nation’s largest traveling technology festival, as well as the President and Co-founder of SocialKaty, a full service social media marketing agency. In 2014, SocialKaty was acquired by award-winning digital agency, Manifest.

Katy has appeared on FOX, NBC, Inc, Huffington Post, and, amongst others.

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Codeverse and innovations in education

Educating the next generation on coding the things that keep our lives going is critical. But traditional schools don’t provide an environment where kids can excel at coding while keeping parents up to speed with what’s happening and why. Moreover, there are a lot of myths about what an education in coding is really about, and who it’s for!

Katy Lynch set out to create a highly engaging environment where young children can dive into the world of coding. Through tireless research, interviews, and LOTS of testing, Katy discovered what does and does not work. As a result, Codeverse was founded and built around a highly innovative learning experience. It could even help these kids get more interested in coding programming languages and they might even start looking for additional resources and websites like bookwormhub to excel in this field.

At Codeverse, students use a proprietary SaaS platform called KidScript™ to communicate, control the environment, and more. In fact, they get to interact with cool things like robotic arms and laser cutters! So not only do they learn how to code, they also see the real-world impact of their work. But this is just one of the fascinating ways Codeverse offers an enhanced learning experience.

Katy and the folks at Codeverse understand that education is about more than what happens in the classroom. Besides the coding itself, Codeverse is also grooming students to become thought leaders on technology and coding. What’s more, they help students and their families develop healthy relationships with technology and prepare for the future.

Katy brought lots of great insights to this interview for leaders in any industry. We discuss amazing ways to gather feedback, consider different layers of customers, and innovate the experience for everyone involved. Listen in!

Interview Highlights

  • Kids don’t usually pay tuition, so how do you balance CX for students with those paying? [4:05]
  • Codeverse takes a different approach at STEM, so how did Katy explore what would and wouldn’t work before launch? [5:40]
  • Why create a physical environment for digital training? [10:20]
  • As a leader, how does Katy understand when things aren’t working as expected or need tweaks? [12:24]
  • Katy explains many ways Codeverse helps students beyond the curriculum, including an exciting program to groom kids for thought leadership. [13:37]

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