millennial trends

Adam and Jeannie discuss updated insights on millennial trends, including how and what they buy and what this could mean for your industry in the future.

Are millennial trends a threat to your industry?

We discuss millennials quite often on this podcast because new trends are developing so fast! This time, we have fascinating (and scary?) new insights because they’re reaching a new phase of adulthood. As it turns out, millennials are different in more ways than we ever imagined. And it’s not just about skinny jeans and fad diets.

For instance, millennials are not buying much beer. (What!? That’s blasphemy!) Another example is how millennials are waiting longer to get married and not buying starter homes. But these are just a couple of the trends that have hit the news lately. Millennials are making new waves in every industry at a rapid pace, and leaders are crying out in their wake!

So, what does that mean for your industry? Will your offering become a fading memory while millennials push forward and shape their world? Well, that’s up to you!

While many companies are suffering, others are using these trends to innovate and create experiences that not only resonate better with millennials, but make things better for everyone else. That means if you pay attention and think ahead, you can have your kale and eat it too.

Today, we’re discussing what adulthood means for millennials as consumers, and how these trends beg a shift in our priorities and the experiences we deliver. With great examples from forward-thinking companies, Adam and Jeannie have great ideas about how to adapt and move forward in this multi-generational business landscape.

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