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Jeannie and Adam discuss the content and creation process behind Jeannie’s new customer experience course on LinkedIn Learning.

LinkedIn is not just for networking, and Jeannie’s wisdom is not just for podcasts!

We have a special announcement for you!

Have you ever heard of LinkedIn Learning? Formerly, LinkedIn Learning offers video courses to sharpen a vast range of business skills and learn new ones. In fact, LinkedIn Learning is adding new content every day from industry experts sharing the latest tips and insights – some of which are too new to learn in school. So it’s a great way to stay on the cutting edge, no matter what your brain is thirsty for.

But it gets better! Our co-host Jeannie Walters has a new LinkedIn Learning course, called Creating a Positive Customer Experience. She has worked tirelessly over several months to develop this course, which includes tips and exercises for journey mapping, setting the right expectations with marketing, building trust, retooling your sales process, and more.

But before I give it all away here, Jeannie has more details about the course and the creation process in this episode. Plus, she shares fun stories about her adventures in creating the course, recording in a LinkedIn learning’s high-tech studio, and some surprising details about how it’s all done. Listen in!

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Check out the intro for Jeannie’s new LinkedIn Learning course!

Welcome from Creating a Positive Customer Experience by Jeannie Walters


Take care of yourself and take care of your customers.

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Take care of yourself and take care of your customers.