gaps in cx

Jeannie exposes unexpected gaps in CX created by transition processes and procedures within the customer journey.

Are you creating unnecessary gaps in CX?

Who has not had a great experience do a complete 180 somewhere along the way? This often happens during transitions in the customer journey. In fact, experience gaps in these transitions are often invisible from within the organization. Do you know where they are?

A great overall experience means not only delivering excellence during every phase in the customer journey, but also zeroing in on the transitions. But don’t make the mistake of thinking you have them all tightened up! This is where gaps in CX are often only visible from the customer’s perspective.

Whether transitioning from freemium to premium or sales to usage, happy prospects find themselves scratching their heads and having second thoughts at critical moments. That said, it’s important to understand what’s really happening to them at these turning points!

What typically goes wrong, and more importantly, how you find and close these gaps?

Don’t make happy prospects lose their enthusiasm over something that can easily be avoided. Jeannie has some classic examples of transitions that cause gaps in CX, so you can find and start fixing yours today. Listen in!

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