Multi-Device Customer Journey

Jeannie and Adam discuss today’s multi-device customer journey and share tips and ideas for optimizing a truly omnichannel experience.

What’s your multi-device customer journey really like?

Offering a multi-channel customer experience is nothing new. In fact, customers now expect one. So we test our websites on iPhones, Android tablets, and different operating systems. We develop what we think is the best experience for PC users, for Mac users, etc. Then, when we determine the experiences are optimal for each of those channels or devices, we cut the ribbon and call it a win.

However, today’s tech-savvy customers continue to drop out of the journey. Freemium customers never upgrade. Paid customers don’t renew. And oddly enough, customers who once reported being satisfied jump ship. So what is going on here?

Too often, journey mapping becomes an exercise in channels, but not the entire experience. Today’s tech-savvy customers use multiple channels to get things done. So what happens when a customer starts a project on a Mac and returns to tie up a loose end via the Android app? While those two channels are optimized on their own, hidden gaps often lie between them that cause unexpected challenges or derail the journey entirely.

Today, we take a closer look at how customers move from one device to another, and what happens to the experience when they get there. Are your amazing device-specific experiences as amazing to those multi-device customers? Listen in for ways to find out and hear some of the best ways to close these gaps.

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