Adam and Jeannie discuss the Equifax data breach and how to decide when it’s right to disclose issues to customers.

To disclose, or not to disclose?

Not everything you need to tell customers is good news! Are you prepared to deliver the bad news when the time is right? Take the recent Equifax data breach, where it was months before customers became aware of the problem. As you may know, the news caused quite a panic! Why did Equifax withhold the information for so long, and why did they release it when they did?

Delivering bad news is often a case of weighing your company’s best interests against your customers. So when you have bad news to disclose, are you protecting your customers, or covering your own butt?

Disclosure and transparency are not just buzz words! In fact, customers are demanding these virtues by name.

If you haven’t had to deliver bad news to your customers, your time is going to come. How can you minimize damage to your brand’s reputation? Adam and Jeannie are here to help you make this call. Listen in!

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