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Jeannie and Adam interview Nienka Bloem, Certified Customer Experience Professional and creator of the Customer Experience Game.

About our guest

Nienke Bloem MBA CCXP is often called the Customer Experience Guru. She is a keynote speaker and inspires audiences with best practices and proven methodologies. Besides a public speaker, she is a trusted advisor for boards and guides organizations in their leadership journey. With her 20 years’ experience in strategic change management positions within telecom, Customer Experience, financial and IT businesses, she knows how large corporate organizations work.

She is a Certified Customer Experience Professional (CCXP) and an Authorized Resource and Training Provider of the CXPA. She also founded the Customer Experience Game which is an engaging and fun way to experience CX.

Learning the customer experience game

Learning about customer experience is becoming a must for business leaders worldwide. It is a valuable part of any successful company and why more people are prioritizing it high on their list of business agendas. How can you run a successful business without looking first to the people who are going to make it profitable? But many still don’t really know what customer experience means, you can find out more right here. For instance, what if you live in a place where customer experience is just taking off? What are your options? It turns out, in some cases, there aren’t many!

So today’s guest, Certified Customer Experience Professional Nienka Bloem, created the Customer Experience Game to help bring this wisdom to continental Europe. In a time when those who wanted to learn about CX had to attend boring conference sessions in hopes of taking away some CX wisdom, Nienka changed the game- both literally and figuratively!

A pioneer in customer-centric practices in Europe, Nienka shares her amazing story of implementing CX strategies to quickly transform an organization with a poor NPS. More importantly, we learn the inspiration behind the Customer Experience Game, how it works, and how it has helped leaders worldwide develop their own CX aptitude.

Don’t miss this fun and inspiring interview, which happens to be our first officially international episode!

Interview Highlights

  • Nienka “fell into” customer experience in the early days in Europe, so what was it like? [2:30]
  • What is Nienka’s Customer Experience Game, and more importantly, how does she use it? [8:20]
  • Nienka outlines her 3 pillars of CX strategy, then how they relate to certain topics leaders need to learn more about. [10:15]
  • Nienka identifies 2 heroes symbolizing different ways of looking at customer experience and the change process… but which way should you choose? [12:40]

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