Jeannie and Adam interview Kristina Quinones, head of customer experience at MeetEdgar, about amazing growth through a unique approach at customer service.

About our guest

Kristina Quinones leads the Customer Experience team at MeetEdgar, a social media management tool that keeps your updates from going to waste. She lives in the Hudson Valley with her husband and their three sons.

Her favorite thing about working at MeetEdgar: The level of ownership and autonomy every single team member is entrusted with. The team is designed with people who can get stuff done and work well with others. So Kristina is always 100% impressed with how well our team operates!

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Explosive growth and the MeetEdgar customer service approach

Thanks to its unique approach at customer service, MeetEdgar has grown from 2 to 30 employees in three years. So we’re proud to interview their head of customer experience, Kristina Quinones. Kristina shares how to use the same approach at your business!

The customer service team at MeetEdgar has struck a magical balance between customer service and customer experience. Not only do they deliver the best service possible, but they go beyond when customers need a little extra help. So what is their secret?

It’s not just about solving problems, answering questions, or eliminating friction. But rather, it’s about making that interaction a highlight in the customer’s day.

However, it’s trickier to create a great service experience that scales. So MeetEdgar has established a culture where everyone is heard and included. This helps keep known issues out in the open, consequently creating opportunities to improve and innovate.

So how can you create a customer service approach that not only solves issues, but makes customers’ days? Listen in to learn how MeetEdgar’s customer service approach makes amazing growth almost inevitable!

Interview highlights

  • We hear “customer service is everyone’s job” a lot, so why is this not the case at MeetEdgar? [2:25]
  • What about Kristina’s background has inspired her great passion for customer experience? [5:45]
  • Kristina shares a common situation where everyone (even you!) can go above and beyond to make a customer’s day. [9:10]
  • What cultural role does transparency play at MeetEdgar, and more importantly, how does that affect customer experience? [12:00]
  • What’s one lesson any organization can learn from MeetEdgar’s approach at customer service? [16:10]

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