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Every business needs a good relationship with their customers, otherwise they simply wouldn’t be able to grow. There’s a reason CRM software is now the number one software market in the world (read more about this here)! But, how can CRM software benefit your business? Adam and Jeannie interview karmaCRM founder John-Paul Narowski about smarter ways to manage and nurture customer relationships.

About our guest

John-Paul Narowski has been bootstrapping businesses since he was 16. His years of startup experience have made him into a full-stack developer, globalization junkie, and serial entrepreneur. Devoted to passionate entrepreneurship and growing businesses for the common good, JP founded karmaCRM, a simple web-based CRM built with small businesses in mind.

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Enhancing customer relationships with tech

If you’ve used Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software before, then you may know these systems tend to be either lacking the features you need or overcomplicated with features you don’t. Either way, leaders find themselves investing in tools they’re not using to their best potential.

Today’s guest, John-Paul (JP) Narowski found himself in a similar situation with his own company, so he set out to create his own CRM tools. Bearing all the common challenges and pitfalls in mind, JP created karmaCRM for a customer-centric approach at managing relationships.

But it’s not just about which tools you use. It’s about how you use them, and whether or not you’re committed.

In this episode, JP helps us understand how to better approach CRM as a means to build and nurture customer relationships, to stay committed to the system, and to integrate it into a customer-focused culture. He discusses tricks of the trade, such as zoho crm google contacts sync to help keep client contact information up to date and relevant, saving time and effort down the line.

Are you new to CRM, or just tired of investing in tools that don’t really help the way you expected? Listen in to learn how to make CRM work for you, once and for all!

Interview Highlights

  • What inspired John-Paul to create karmaCRM? [2:40]
  • How does JP go about putting the “R” back in CRM, and what does that mean to him? [5:20]
  • How can startups and entrepreneurs approach customer service when they’re not sure who their customers are? [10:15]
  • What can leaders do to overcome lack of commitment to using CRM and related tools? [13:30]
  • JP sums up how CRM will evolve to better assist businesses and leaders in the future. [17:30]

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