Microchipping Employees

Jeannie and Adam discuss microchipping employees with RFID devices and how this tech may affect culture and the customer experience.

Microchipping employees

RFID tags are everywhere, from the microchips that help deter theft in retail settings to those that help us locate lost pets. But employers are taking this technology to another level by microchipping employees. And although it’s a voluntary procedure (for now?) many employees are opting in for the conveniences that come with having this tiny bundle of circuits injected beneath the skin.

And as this tech continues to develop, we are faced with the possibility of requiring customers to allow microchipping as a condition of doing business. This raises many questions…

While Adam and Jeannie see very much potential for RFID technology, they also have big concerns about how this may affect the customer experience as well as company culture.

What do you need to know about RFID technology as an employer, and what questions should you ask yourself before exploring the options that are available today? More importantly, what does an RFID-enabled workplace mean for the future?

Take off your tin foil hat for 15 minutes and listen in!

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