Chip Bell

Adam and Jeannie interview bestselling author Chip Bell to discover how the best brands are innovating service to create value-unique experiences.

About our guest

Chip R. Bell is a renowned keynote speaker and author of several best-selling books including…

  • Take Their Breath Away
  • Managing Knock Your Socks off Service
  • The 9½ Principles of Innovative Service, and
  • Sprinkles: Creating Awesome Experiences through Innovative Service.

His newest book is the bestselling Kaleidoscope:  Delivering Innovative Service That Sparkles released in February, 2017.

Dr. Bell has appeared live on CNBC, Bloomberg TV, CNN, ABC, CBS, NPR Marketplace and his work has been featured in Fortune, Wall Street Journal, Forbes, USA Today, Businessweek, Entrepreneur Magazine, CEO Magazine, Money Magazine, and Fast Company.

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Winning customers’ hearts with value-unique experiences

We all want customers talking about their experience with our brand, but providing great service isn’t enough. And though we hear a lot about the power of adding value, it’s easy to weigh the experience down or simply waste money on freebies.

To stand out, you need to add emotional value through unique experiences.

So what can you do? Fortunately, we had the privilege of interviewing one of the most prolific customer-focused authors to date! And he’s here to explain how your brand can be the next one people are talking about.

Chip Bell coined the term “value-unique,” which describes service experiences that provide more emotional value. Through amazing examples and heart-warming stories, he explains how the best companies create experiences that leave lasting impressions customers want to talk about.

And it all comes back to culture! It takes a creative culture to deliver value-unique experiences. Moreover, delivering value-unique experiences also creates a more valuable connection among employees.

So how can you create a culture around adding emotional value to the service experience? And how can you begin innovating your service to create these value-unique experiences? Chip has some great tips and examples we can all relate to and learn from.

It was a great pleasure and privilege having Chip on the show, so listen in!

Interview Highlights

  • Why is innovation crucial for customer service and customer experience, and why don’t most organizations understand this? [2:54]
  • Chip explains how we lose our emotional connection with customers efforts to provide more consistent experiences. [9:25]
  • Chip shares amazing examples of how Hotel Monaco wins by creating unique experiences vs. adding value. [11:15]
  • How does creating value-unique experiences relate to workplace culture? [17:00]
  • What can you do to start down the path of innovating service to create more unique experiences? [20:25]

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