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Adam and Jeannie explore recent research about prevailing ecommerce experience pet peeves and offer creative solutions.

How does your ecommerce experience stack up?

THe typical ecommerce experience has come a long way since the 90’s, but recent research shows that we still have a long way to go. Even with statistics showing that 96% of americans shop online at least once a year, more could still be done. Customers are still having problems with navigation, personalization, functionality, and just plain poor user experiences.

Despite great leaps in technology and design, some of the same pet peeves have prevailed through the years, or even decades! Why are customers still being blamed for “user errors” or just not getting things done? It is no secret that a lot of these concerns can be rectified by a more regular approach to website maintenance. However, there are a number of ecommerce businesses with worries like What is website maintenance cost? Will the time and effort I put into my website be worth it? And how do I know I am doing the right thing for my customers?

And these problems are not exclusive to retail. Qualified customers everywhere are shopping elsewhere for software, insurance, telecom services and more due to age-old experience gaps.

We can do better!

First of all, there is no excuse for poor website functionality, not when you consider the multitude of companies that provide support and web development services. These are experts who realise things like load times are vital when building an e-commerce website, and that search filters encourage customers to find the exact product they are looking for. These companies can build you a streamlined site, and if you are not savvy to technology then it is worth the expense. Even if you have the best product on the internet, poor functionality of your site will ensure customers will never find that out.

Hosting is another element of the online experience that is critical to e-commerce success. For instance, the technology your business uses can hugely impact speed, which is fundamental to consumer satisfaction and search engine optimization. This is especially prevalent for e-commerce websites because they can receive thousands of concurrent requests so need dedicated servers or something similar to handle the high volume of traffic. Performance gains are just one of the many reasons a virtual private server from a provider such as is the best choice for e-commerce growth.

Today, Adam and Jeannie explore some of the top prevailing e-commerce pet peeves and what how to fix them. What drives you away from e-commerce sites? And what about your customers? We are trying to attract customers to these sites! That’s why going to a site like is important to help e-commerce sites grow their online presence to create a greater experience for the customer and then ultimately a greater number of sales. Victorious has eCommerce-specific services to help maximise visibility and profits; ecommerce seo will ensure you connect your products to the customers who are seeking them out! You might also be interested in finding out how subscription management could help with your business as well as your finances by checking out this page for more information.

Listen in to say goodbye to the most common ecommerce experience nightmares!

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