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Jeannie and Adam interview podcaster and employee attitudes expert Julie Ann Sullivan live from the NSA Influence 2017 conference.

About our guest

Julie Ann Sullivan works with organizations that want to create a workplace environment where people are productive, engaged and appreciated. Julie Ann is a professional speaker, trainer and Inspired Leadership Coach.

As the Founder of Learning Never Ends, her purpose is to create a more positive culture, one person at a time. She has a diverse educational background which includes a BA in Psychology and an MBA in Accounting.

Julie Ann was a CPA and spent decades involved in the financial industry and the corporate world.

As a Professional Speaker, she has spoken for companies and organizations such as, McDonald’s USA, the City of Pittsburgh, Duquesne University, Howard Hanna Financial Services and Bayer US. In addition, she’s currently a podcast host of Mere Mortals Unite and Businesses that Care.

Connect with Julie Ann

Employee attitudes vs overall success

While you may have a solid business strategy and great employees, you may still struggle with engaging your workforce to deliver the best experiences possible. Do your employees WANT to come to work? Even more important: Is their attitude conducive to a healthy and engaging culture? Because policies and and skill sets aside, a healthy attitude is critical to success in business.

Julie Ann Sullivan helps business leaders understand the best ways to truly engage their people. As a result, customer satisfaction and loyalty improve along with workplace morale and better communication.

In this interview, we discuss the keys to proper employee engagement, and how they affect the experiences delivered. Julie Ann shares some of the creative ways her clients have turned their cultures around to communicate better, motivate their employees, and consequently, improve business outcomes.

So how does Julie Ann educate business leaders, and see them through to creating an environment where employees not only believe in what they do, but become advocates for the company?

We have a lot of great tips and examples you can follow in this fun episode, so listen in!

Interview Highlights

  • Julie Ann explains not only what she does for companies that need to be educated on employee engagement, but why. [2:20]
  • What does that education process look like? Julie Ann shares real stories about different scenarios. [3:55]
  • Julie Ann, Adam and Jeannie discuss ways to create environments where employees feel safe to share their most honest feedback. [9:20]
  • What stops companies from creating more engaging environments and moving forward with a better culture? [12:55]

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