organizational structure

Jeannie shares 3 tips to prevent organizational structure from negatively affecting the customer experience.

How organizational structure creates bad experiences

A solid organizational structure is essential to delivering great customer experiences, creating new ones, or solving issues. But too often, we send customers on a journey through our internal org charts instead of a direct path to success – especially when there’s an issue.

While it is important to establish accountability, customers don’t care who in your organization is responsible for solving an issue, so long as the experience is quick and painless for them. And yet, customers often find themselves at the mercy of internal processes when trying to get things done.

What is meant to keep things organized on the inside can easily spell disaster on the outside- while customer experiences suffer, customer satisfaction drops, and loyalty disappears.

So where does your org chart create nightmares for customers? Jeannie has some expert tips to help you tighten things up and keep them on a rewarding journey. Listen in!

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