Rocky Romanella

Jeannie and Adam interview Rocky Romanella, author of Tighten the Lug Nuts:The Principles of Balanced Leadership.

About our guest

Rocky Romanella, an experienced executive, CEO and Director, keynote speaker, trainer and adviser is founder and principal of 3SIXTY Management Services, LLC. He most recently served as Chief Executive Officer and Director for UniTek Global Services, after retiring from a 36-year career with UPS, the largest shipment and logistics company in the world.

Rocky successfully launched one of the largest rebranding initiatives in franchising history, The UPS Store, which revolutionized the $9 billion retail shipping and business services market. In addition to leading the global strategy of all U.S. and international retail channels, he was an integral part of the integration of many acquisitions, which became UPS Supply Chain Solutions with responsibilities in the U.S., Canada, Mexico, Latin America and South America and led UPS’s entry into the healthcare industry as part of their supply chain logistics strategy.

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Achieving balanced leadership

Leadership in business means gearing not only yourself, but those around you for success. Too often, overwhelmed leaders become more focused on the goals of their business than the people and things that make success possible.

How can you achieve consistency in the way you lead, motivate or mentor your people? How do you balance your goals with keeping those around you in a state where they feel valued?

Today’s guest, Rocky Romanella, literally wrote the book on achieving balanced leadership. Through amazing examples and highlights from his book, Rocky shares key some principles of balanced leadership with our listeners. (Spoiler: Leadership skills are not just for managers, politicians, or others we typically consider leaders!)

In this interview, we learn how leadership skills touch those who follow, and core principles to instill in them for an overall successful team.

Rocky brought some great energy into this interview, and he’s excited to share with you the secrets behind his own success as a leader. Want to sharpen your own leadership skills while inspiring team members, colleagues and partners? Join us!

Interview Highlights

  • What’s the concept behind “Tighten the Lug Nuts,” and why are leadership principles important to everyone? [2:30]
  • Hear the simple, universal wisdom that got Rocky on the right path to leadership at UPS.  [6:35]
  • Rocky shares key questions for overwhelmed listeners to achieve laser focus on customer needs.  [9:50]
  • How do leaders avoid creating situations where the “highs are too high” or the “lows are too low?” 14:45]
  • Rocky shares examples of how empowered employees can achieve balance and “tighten their own lug nuts.” [17:45]

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