situational awareness

Jeannie and Adam report live from the National Speakers Association’s Influence 2017 conference to discuss the power of situational awareness in customer service.

Employees aren’t really empowered without situational awareness

Are your employees empowered to provide consistently great customer service, no matter what? Giving employees the freedom to act off-script is great, but without situational awareness, that power is not being utilized to its fullest.

Being aware of situations that happen outside of the normal customer journey, or beyond the scope of their training, gives employees the power to solve problems proactively – before customers get angry or just leave you without a word!

To consistently provide great customer service, reps must be aware of possible inconsistencies in the experience and surrounding context, then get ahead of them.

Today, Adam and Jeannie would like to tell you more about what situational awareness is, and how to integrate this principle into your customer service strategy. If you’d like your customer service team to be situationally aware, then listen in for tips you can use today!

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