Customer Segments

Jeannie and Adam explore critical customer segments that typically get ignored when designing customer experiences.

Are you overlooking critical customer segments?

Creating customer segments is a great way to help deliver an easier, more personalized, and more relevant experience for different groups of customers. But in many cases – especially in B2B – the customer journey is much more complex than it seems, and simplifying it is not always an option.

Those moving through your customer journey are not the only people to consider when designing experiences. People who never interact directly with your brand are affected in big ways, and they are also a part of the decision-making. Have you considered these other stakeholders, besides those going through the actual motions and making payments? Who is the customer behind the customer, and what is influencing their actions?

The person you’re dealing with, though pleased as they may be with the experience, isn’t necessarily calling the shots. So who is? Understanding these elusive segments is a powerful way to create an experience that resonates not only behind the scenes, but beyond the journey itself.

Today, Adam and Jeannie are exploring ways to design experiences with all stakeholders in the journey- besides appealing only to those at the wheel. Listen in for 3 hidden segments you need to start considering today!

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