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Adam and Jeannie discuss several ways customer service training goes wrong, how that impacts the customer experience, and what you can do to fix it.

Customer service training done right

Companies talk or even brag a lot about the ways they train, mentor, and educate their employees. But for all their efforts, many of them are still doing it wrong. It’s easy for leaders to think that dedicating the right amount of time and resources ensures all the right ground is covered… so please don’t fall into this trap!

It’s not just about following procedures, using available tools and software correctly, and simply helping customers get what they need. Truly great customer service training instills a customer-focused mindset, then works it into company’s DNA. It leaves employees with a greater understanding of customer emotions, a sense of ownership for the experience delivered, and a sense of empowerment to always do what’s right.

How do you tackle customer service training in your organization? Is it really doing as much good as you think, or are your employees (and customers) missing out? Some of the most common training practices are weak, ineffective, or even harm the customer experience!

Listen in to avoid common mistakes and deliver the best service possible.

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