Powerful Questions

Jeannie shares 3 powerful questions to get actionable feedback from customers.

Powerful innovation starts with powerful questions

Honest customer feedback is the key to maintaining a strong culture around delivering great experiences, but customers have a lot more to tell you than what you’re asking about in surveys! Sometimes you must pick up the phone, go beyond the surveys, and ask some one-on-one questions.

But who has the time for this, and what should you really ask?

It could be one customer or a handful of them… but if you put aside a few minutes once a week or month for this, you’ll uncover amazing insights. What can you learn from your best customers, or the ones who’ve just left you – without wasting a lot of your time or theirs?

Keeping these conversations short and sweet is the key, and Jeannie is here to help you get the most impact in the shortest time. Listen in for 3 powerful questions you can ask customers today!

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