Adam and Jeannie discuss Basecamp’s customer service ethic and tackle some of the top challenges faced by support professionals.

About our guest

Chase Clemons, a support lead at Basecamp with his own customer service podcast, who devours lessons from brands as varied as Wegman’s, Nordstrom’s and Amazon, as well as his own 5+ years of experience, to continually enhance Basecamp’s customer service program.

Chase’s industry knowledge is deep and wide, and he’d love to share customer service best practices with your readers so that they can easily improve outcomes for their own customer programs. For example, he often helps users with questions unrelated to Basecamp – chiming in on why their Outlook isn’t working or why their Twitter messages aren’t coming to their phone. I’d also be able to put you in touch with Jason to talk about why the C-Suite needs to care more about customer outcomes than any other operational effort.

Connect with Chase

Fine-tuning your customer service ethic

If there’s one thing customer service leaders need support with, it’s connecting with, understanding, and  supporting their own customers! Today’s guest, Chase Clemons, hears all the challenges faced by businesses of varied sizes, then helps them make the right decisions. He’s made it part of his mission to help them help their own customers, and he’s sharing some of his best insights today.

Not only does Chase help Basecamp customers use the product, but he helps them find ways to innovate around the support customers need. He shares fascinating stories, relatable examples, and powerful tips you can use in your organization.

Providing great service is not about processes, and it’s certainly not about how much you’ve invested. It’s about setting realistic expectations, hiring right to deliver on them, and scaling to fit.

If you’d like to improve the outcomes of your own customer programs, sharpen your pencil, because you’ll want to take notes on this episode!

Interview highlights

  • What is Basecamp, and why is their customer support so great? [2:35]
  • Chase describes some of the most common challenges Basecamp customers have in delivering great support. [5:25]
  • Chase shares examples of how empowered employees supersede policies to drive great experiences and amazing support. [8:35]
  • What are some inspiring ways companies are innovating around customer service? [12:20]
  • What do leaders need to know about customer support organizations like Basecamp? [17:15]

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