corporate myths

Adam and Jeannie explore how corporate myths affect culture and customer experience, ways to identify them, and what you can do to set things straight.

Corporate myths create bad experiences for your customers.

It may sound silly, but organizations and the teams within have their own corporate myths and legends. We’re not talking about inside jokes like the goblin that lives inside the copy machine.

Employees accept corporate myths as truths and perpetuate them in ways that cause problems internally until they harm the customer experience.

All it takes is one misunderstood communication, one bad interaction, or one “seasoned” employee to uphold and spread an untruth that affects your culture and the experience you deliver.

It’s up to leaders in your organization to identify, debunk, and correct these myths before they become a cancer within your organization.

In this episode, Adam and Jeannie share some of the most common ways these myths get started, and some classic examples you’ll recognize. Listen and learn how myths around processes, internal engagement, and customer perception get started, and how to nip them in the bud.

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