Customer Survey Mistakes

Adam and Jeannie share common customer survey mistakes and how to avoid them to get thoughtful responses.

Losing our way with customer survey mistakes

Customer surveys are great for getting the feedback we need, learning how to improve our experiences, or finding out where we need to invest – plus, there’s always a new survey tool or two that pops up for us to try.

Recent studies show that most customers ignore surveys, most of those who do fill them out don’t do so thoughtfully, and many who start surveys never finish them. And the survey feedback we DO get? It’s only from the customers who felt very strongly enough to put in the time, so your average customer may not even be represented in the results!

What are we doing wrong?

Today, Adam and Jeannie are sharing eye-opening facts and their expert opinions of why customers don’t respond to surveys. They’ve helped clients develop surveys that customers want to respond to, and they’re sharing that wisdom with you.

You can still use surveys to get powerful feedback that leads to action, but you must approach them carefully. Are you asking too many questions? The wrong questions? Find out today and deliver surveys that matter to your customers.

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