customer experience sprints

Adam and Jeannie share 3 powerful ideas to make quick progress with customer experience sprints.

Streamline your goals with customer experience sprints

Have you heard of business sprints? The idea is to put most long-term goals aside, then focus exclusively on one goal for a predetermined period. This concept has been taking off lately in business and in government, because it works!

Sprints are a great way to bring departments together to work for a common goal, and get results quickly. Set your calendar for 30, 60, or 90 days, and nip one of those goals in the bud!

With so many goals piling up in your business, it’s easy to put customer experience goals aside in favor of sales and other goals or issues. It’s common to put customer experience aside for another day, then another, until that day never comes. So why not try using customer experience sprints?

Adam and Jeannie are here to help you get started! They’re sharing 3 great customer experience sprints you can start today, and some tips for making them work. Any business can use these sprints, so grab a note pad, jot them down, then put them in your calendar right after the show.

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