Organizational Conformity

Adam explains the neuroscience behind different types of organizational conformity, how they help or harm your business, and how to strike a good balance.

Organizational conformity: The good and the bad

Adam says, “the impetus to conform is strong for many,” and that’s typically a good thing in business. Organizational conformity is necessary to create consistent customer experiences, adhere to regulations, and maintain a stable workplace.

But it’s not just about following necessary rules and procedures, or maintaining a sense of order. Before you say it’s great for employees to conform in every way, imagine the innovation process with nobody sharing ideas. What if everyone just followed the rules, even when it didn’t help the customer in the moment? What if your employees took on a “mob mentality” adopting dissenting ideas?

In this episode, Adam explains the different types of conformity, and how to recognize and differentiate them. Is conformity helping your business grow, or harming your customer experience? How would you know?

A winning team plays by the rules, but is also empowered to make judgment calls, speak their mind, and share insights that help you grow as a business. How can you strike a healthy balance with organizational conformity? Listen in for tips you can use today!

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