Airline Customer Service

Adam and Jeannie share some lessons we can all learn from recent airline customer service disasters.

What can we learn from airline customer service?

There’s been so much in the news about airline customer service, it’s time we talk about it here on Crack the Customer Code! Including, but not limited to the customer who was dragged off his United flight, we’re not sure any airline has been left unscathed.

It’s not news that airline customer service a long way to go, but more common issues are getting more public attention in the wake of these high-profile incidents. Clearly, there’s a theme of processes and regulations superseding the customer experience. Even United CEO Oscar Munoz has come right out blaming not his people, but the outdated processes they’re chained to.

Today, Adam and Jeannie share their take on what’s happening with airline customer service, what’s causing the biggest problems, and why we’re seeing little improvement.

What can you learn from airline customer service? Find out how airlines’ processes, regulations, corporate politics, and poor culture prevent them from doing right by their customers. Could this happen to you? Listen in to find out, then take action!

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