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Jeannie shares tips for using insight from former customers to improve the experience for current and future customers.

What can we learn from former customers?

We thrive on customer feedback to continue improving service and the overall experience, but what about those who are leaving us? Whether it’s because we don’t like to think about them, or because we don’t see the value in communicating with those who will not pay us, we lose sight of former customers.

Those former customers are still valuable, but it’s not because we can try to win them back. They can provide a wealth of insights into why customers are leaving, where the customer journey needs more attention, and how to innovate for the future.

Have you considered the value of your own former customers, or are they just out of the picture? Why not leverage this resource for feedback, suggestions, and insights for improving the experience for current and future customers? If you are interested in knowing how customers can benefit your business, more information can be found here.

To get the most out of what former customers can offer, Jeannie has some tips you can use today!

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