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Adam shares tips for keeping your customer experience consistent with third parties or subcontractors.

Keeping customer experience consistent in a “gig economy”

Consistency is a key element to customer experiences that drive loyalty, but that can be tough when dealing with third parties. What happens when we hand the experience over to subcontractors, essentially giving up control? Does that mean we will lose control?

The incident with United Airlines, which recently went viral, is a great example of what can happen when a company loses control of the experience. And while your customers may not be at any risk of injury, with the experience in the wrong hands, your brand may still face an emergency!

As more and more companies bring in temps, subcontractors and freelancers, the risk is very real. Are you using third parties to deliver experiences to your customers? Chances are, you will have to at some point.

Will you hand the experience over with confidence, or will you lose control of it? Adam’s here to help you think ahead, make better choices, and avoid disasters. Listen in for tips you can use today!

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