Who Drives Customer Experience

Adam and Jeannie clear the hype and buzzwords to really find out who drives customer experience in your organization, and how.

Who drives customer experience?

Chief Customer Officer, Chief Experience Officer, Customer Success Officer, Chief of Customer Service, and more… The list of possible high-level customer experience titles is as long as your imagination. But what do these titles really mean in your organization and who drives customer experience in your organization?

Too often, companies create these customer experience roles with the best of intentions, but they end up being focused more on metrics. And while data does help determine where changes are needed, a truly customer-focused organization needs someone who can turn that insight into action.

So, who is in charge of customer experience in your company? Are they simply using data to pinpoint your shortcomings, or are they driving actual change? However you name that role is up to you, but make sure they are prepared to help bake customer-centric practices into the DNA of your organization.

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