CX Evangelist

Jeannie shares expert tips for becoming a CX evangelist or hiring the right person to fill this role in your organization.

Do you need a CX evangelist?

Customer experience roles are evolving and expanding like never before. Leaders know customer experience is important, but not always top-of-mind for everyone.  So many struggle to internalize customer insights, get buy-in from multiple departments, and educate those teams.

Whether it’s a partial role or a dedicated one, an effective CX evangelist can blur the lines between silos and help unify your organization to work for the customer. But what is needed most from this role, and how can you go about finding the right person for the job?

Today, Jeannie is sharing expert advice to help you determine what traits are needed most, and what to expect from a CX evangelist- even if that happens to be you. Don’t wait to fill the title, because your customers are counting on you. Listen in for tips you can use today!

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