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Today we transcend the plateaus of current customer experience understanding with Colin Shaw, founder of Beyond Philosophy, and discuss his new book, The Intuitive Customer.

About our guest

Colin Shaw has been recognized, by others, as a Thought Leader in Customer Experience. LinkedIn bestowed him the accolade of being one of the ‘World’s Top 150 Business Influencers’.  As a result, Colin now over 242,000 followers on LinkedIn. Brand Quarterly readers also voted him one of the ‘top 50 Marketing Thought Leaders Over 50’ for the last two years in a row.  Colin has written six bestselling books on Customer Experience. He has made many appearances on TV and radio including CNN, BBC and NPR. He is Founder & CEO of Beyond Philosophy, one of the world’s leading Customer Experience companies.

Connect with Colin

Creating loyalty with The Intuitive Customer

So many companies are focusing on customer experience, yet so many are getting it wrong! That’s why as practitioners in the customer experience field, we’re delighted to interview Colin Shaw to discuss his new book, The Intuitive Customer.

We put so much effort into understanding the rational side of the experience, such as time on call and product delivery, we often neglect the irrational side, which is centered on emotion. “Paying sole attention to a rational experience,” says Colin, “is at the root cause of why organizations are getting this stuff wrong.”

In this interview, Colin shares many of our favorite highlights from The Intuitive Customer, and takes it a step further. He explains how new academic research and psychology play a critical role in delivering great customer experiences, and how to connect the two. He drills down to the root causes of the general lack of real understanding companies have about their real customers.

It’s not just about creating great experiences, but about creating good memories. You can deliver an outstanding customer experience, yet still be remembered for the one low point in the journey. What do you want to be remembered for?

How can you use psychology and research to create memories that customers will want to return to? How can you transcend the common plateaus of customer experience understanding today, and in the future? In this episode, we cover this and much more than we can list here. Listen in!

Interview highlights

  • What inspired The Intuitive Customer, and why is now the perfect time to read it? [4:15]
  • Why is academic research so important to customer experience understanding? [6:50]
  • Colin explains how lack of understanding manifests itself as poor customer experiences. [9:15]
  • How can telecom companies, for example, better connect emotionally with customers? [11:10]
  • How can you leverage customers’ memories to create customer loyalty? [13:30]
  • What’s the single biggest thing Colin has learned in the past 10 years? [18:20]
  • Why are small, seemingly trivial customer touchpoints, or microinteractions, so important? [21:10]

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