User Experience vs. Customer Experience

Jeannie shares tips and distinctions for delivering an excellent overall customer experience to those who use your digital products and services.

User experience vs, customer experience: Is there a difference?

Your rock star dev team has created an excellent user experience, so why are customers still dropping out on you? Perhaps your team might not be aware of what customers want. It could be due to a lack of UX research, which could be interfering with your team’s ability to design a user centered design. To create a winning user-centered product, you would require a deep knowledge of your target audience. In addition, you may need to know all of the different research methods that can be adapted to your design process. Otherwise, your customers might keep leaving. This could be even more rough if you are a new designer and you are looking to make a name for yourself in the industry. Luckily there are places similar to slickplan that might be able to help you.

If the product or service you offer is digital, you might say “all our customers are users,” so it’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking user experience covers it all. But while they can be similar, there are some critical distinctions!

We’ve seen this many times: digital products that deliver an excellent user experience, while the experience around it needs lots of work! So maybe it’s time to take your developers out of the hot seat and look elsewhere for the answers.

Want to make sure your user experience is conducive to the overall experience you envision for your customers? Jeannie is serving up some answers to help you keep these parts of the experience in perspective, and some great tips you can use today!

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