Graeme Newell

Graeme Newell, co-author of Red Goldfish, returns to share the secrets of building a brand following through social purpose.

About our guest

Graeme Newell is President of 602 Communications, a marketing research and consulting firm that specializes in emotional connection. He and his team of emotional attachment experts show companies how to change complacent customers into passionate groupies.

Graeme has delivered more than 400 speeches at events in 25 countries around the world. He is known as the example king, and his presentations are loaded with cutting-edge techniques used by the world’s most passionate brands. Graeme has compiled an extensive emotional connection video library with more than 50,000 examples. He uses this library to teach leaders how to build deep lasting friendships with their customers.

Graeme Newell has done speaking, research and consulting for corporations across the globe, including: GE, Disney, Sony, CBS, Madison Square Garden, Comcast, and Universal Studios.

Graeme lives in Portland, Oregon with his wife Annette.

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Building loyalty with social purpose

Graeme Newell is back to talk about a growing trend with businesses today, which is getting involved with social purpose. Especially with millennials, companies are building a powerful affinity through charity groups and community efforts.

Having a strong social purpose can be very powerful for building customer loyalty, shareholder value, and better relationships across the board.

It’s common for companies to tout their involvement with a certain charity or local effort, but what today’s customers are looking for is not that simple. It’s not about clever marketing! They’re looking for companies that walk the talk day after day, not just paying lip service.

Graeme’s latest book, Red Goldfish, is all about building a brand following with social purpose. Together with co-author Stan Phelps, Graeme Newell researched more than 250 companies that started with a passion that ripples out to customers.

In this interview, we discuss highlights from Red Goldfish, along with some of the best ways to find a greater social purpose and see it through. Graeme share some inspiring examples of companies that execute this beautifully while building profitability!

Today, Graeme covers the many benefits of being a company that wants to make a positive impact in the world. What’s your greater purpose, and how can you see it through in ways that make others proud to connect with your brand? Listen to this fascinating interview with Graeme Newell to find out!

Interview highlights

  • What is social entrepreneurship? [3:30]
  • What are the risks of taking a stronger stance on social issues, and how can we avoid them?  [5:30]
  • How is social entrepreneurship profitable? [7:00]
  • Are traditional charities in on this, and how is it affecting them? [8:30]
  • The power of expressing company values through storytelling [12:30]
  • What are the common threads among companies that are successful with social purpose? [14:40]
  • Want to get started today? Graeme has some recommendations for you! [16:50]

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