Innovating with Customers

Adam and Jeannie discuss ways of innovating with customers to deliver the experiences they need the most.

Are you innovating with customers?

When we think of innovation, we generally think of huge product launches and paradigm-shifting technology that gets a lot of attention. We rarely think this way about smaller changes in things we’re already offering. But small changes can have a profound effect on the true experience delivered, and your customers are crying for them. Are you listening?

Some of the best innovations are simply around improving a small part of the customer journey, but how would you know those things need improvement? How would you find the most meaningful solutions, or know when to make those changes? It’s time to think about innovating with customers, not just for them.

As Jeannie puts it, you need to “get them talking about how they use your products and services and what they feel is missing, and that will actually lead to those innovative ideas.”

Today we’re discussing some great ways to bring customers into the innovation process, and to zero in on the changes they need the most. Your next innovation may not make a big splash in the media, but putting customers in the driver’s seat will bring amazing value.

Episode highlights

  • What is co-creation? Jeannie and Adam explain [1:00]
  • When should we bring customers into the innovation process? [4:15]
  • Warning: Innovation is a double-edged sword [6:00]
  • Real-life customer-driven innovations: Small changes that made a huge impact [7:20]
  • Keys to experience-driven innovation [12:20]

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