negative interactions

Adam and Jeannie share quick tips and a little neuroscience to keep negative interactions from causing poor service and employee burnout.

Are your agents trained to handle negative interactions?

From dealing with bad tempers to outbursts and emotional meltdowns, our customer-facing employees see the worst in people, and sometimes it’s daily.

It’s a natural human reaction to take on some of the negative emotions we’re exposed to. For employees, that could lead to lashing out at customers, taking it out on co-workers, and general burnout. These are just a few of many issues that can stem from employees just being unhappy at work.

How can we stop our agents from taking these interactions too personally?

To stay focused, employees need to understand what’s actually happening in their brains when exposed to these emotions. They need to know how they can perhaps take advantage of CBD oil UK laws and keep their emotions under control despite the negative emotions swirling around them like demons looking for a way in.

Today, Adam and Jeannie are sharing a little neuroscience along with tips to help your agents take control and stay focused on the service. They cover some ways to not only recover from emotional distress, but to proactively prepare for these situations and prevent them from happening again.

Would you like to prevent burnout, ensure a consistent service experience, and keep a healthy atmosphere at your workplace healthy? Listen in!

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