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Chief Customer Success and Happiness officer Amy Downs of Lifesize outlines her strategic path to a 79-point increase in Net Promoter Score.

About our guest

Amy Downs is the Chief Customer Success and Happiness Officer at Lifesize, the connected video conferencing company, and is responsible for ensuring that customers are at the epicenter of everything the company does.

From support, service and training, Amy drives the strategy and execution of programs that help Lifesize customers and partners bring successful video collaboration to their companies. Prior to joining Lifesize, Amy spearheaded Voxeo’s industry-leading customer support and service organization and oversaw all post-sales interaction with customers.

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Customer success and happiness: A mini case study

Customer experience is gaining traction, and we couldn’t be happier! But when we think about how the slightest increase in Net Promoter Score (NPS) is a cause for celebration in most organizations, we realize there’s still a long way to go.

Thankfully, we have inspiring leaders like today’s guest who have proven that success is within reach, and that is great news for those of us who’ve fallen way behind.

With their NPS looming at -4 and customers already “screaming,” necessary changes to the service model at Lifesize were creating even more tension. But as the Chief Customer Success and Happiness Officer at Lifesize, Amy Downs quickly turned these challenges into opportunities. While the company was on its head, she brought customer obsession into their culture, core values, functional processes, and communications.

And now? Their NPS is currently at a proud 75.

You can do this!  Amy’s story is more like a mini case study, where she outlines all the crucial steps behind Lifesize’s transformation.

“If you don’t have that level of engagement from your employees, your customers will never feel it, says Amy. And with a 79% increase in NPS, you know everyone feels it! Listen in to make this your story too.

Interview highlights

  • How Amy’s title of Chief Customer Success and Happiness Officer speaks of her day-to-day work  [2:50]
  • Quick customer experience wins make room for more ambitious goals! Here’s what Amy tackled first [5:50]
  • The key traits of a customer-obsessed company are… [9:40]
  • Embedding customer-obsessed cultural values across functional leadership and down into everyday processes [12:40]
  • The impact of communicating progress and insight organization-wide, and great tools that help make it happen [18:10]
  • How is internal customer service affected by customer-obsession? [21:10]

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