Improving Customer Experience

Today we interview Jacqueline Jasionowski of BMW about improving customer experience at BMW, breaking the car-buying mold and differentiating the brand.

About our guest

Jacqueline Jasionowski brings creativity, passion and enthusiasm into every day as she continues her 15+ year career in Automotive.

Responsible for driving programs to achieve a 24-point upward movement in Sales Satisfaction, as measured by JD Power in 2014, she combines storytelling and analytics to convey to her audience that embracing change is required to move forward. Jacqueline’s program development and main focus is to connect the mind and hearts of her dealers to create real and sustainable transformation for the benefit of the customer.

Jacqueline led the all-new 2016 7 Series BMW Ultimate Benefits team to create program recognition around dealer implementation and customer benefits.

Connect with Jacqueline

Improving customer experience to stay on top

BMW has a long record of success as “The Ultimate driving machine.” But even they recognize that we’re in a paradigm shift when just having a great product isn’t enough to stay on top. “…everybody sees that the customer experience landscape is the battleground for customer loyalty,” says today’s guest, Jacqueline Jasionowski. And she has played a huge role in helping BMW differentiate their brand by improving customer experience.

Focused more on sales that customer experience, the car-buying experience is typically very stressful,  and time-consuming! By focusing on the customer experience and weaving it into their culture and training, BMW has climbed the ranks as customer-focused automakers. They have brought relationship-building experience strategies down to the store level, and that’s where where it makes the most impact.

With Jacqueline’s help, BMW has broken the car-buying experience mold. That idea comes with great risks for any industry, but BMW has already taken a great deal of these risks for the sake of creating a more customer-centric experience. Today, Jacqueline shares great tips and insights for what has worked and what hasn’t, so you can break your own industry’s experience mold with less risk.

Whether you’re a high-end brand, a budget brand, or something in between… Improving customer experience on an ongoing basis is critical to surviving this paradigm shift. Listen in to hear how BMW is rocking it and how you can apply that to your business!

Interview highlights

  • How does BMW discover what matters most to their customers? [3:30]
  • Learn how BMW achieved a 24 point increase in satisfaction with the sales experience. [6:20]
  • Jacqueline weighs training on product against training on soft skills. [10:10]
  • Hear how BMW measures customer experience standards against existing standards around the products [13:20]
  • What’s wrong with the typical car-buying experience from the customer’s perspective, and how is BMW changing that? [17:00]
  • How does BMW sales staff let customers know right away they’re in for a different kind of experience? [19:50]

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