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Today we discuss building culture that drives both revenue and a great working environment with author Bobby Albert, author of Principled Profits—Outward Success Is an Inside Job.

About our guest

Bobby Albert, who led a small, local family business to a nationally recognized leader in its industry, explains how it happened in Principled Profit—Outward Success Is an Inside Job. In this inaugural book, an in-demand speaker/consultant pinpoints specific principles that, in practice, can supercharge any enterprise. The book hits the shelves in 2017, but Bobby is here today to explain how he went from a humble start to good to great in his business – and how any leader can leverage the same principles and practices in his or her own organization.

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Is creating culture around customer delight really profitable?

We talk a lot about what’s in it for the customer when we create experiences, but it is certainly important to raise the question: “What’s in it for my company?”

Culture isn’t just about having a fun, friendly work environment where everyone communicates well. A strong, profitable culture accomplishes this while focusing on the true customer experience. Bobby explains how these connect directly to profitability by sharing true stories about how his own small company grew big and strong with an inspiring culture at its core.

So what makes a strong culture, anyway? It’s a tough question! Bobby has made some daring moves to make his company’s great culture better and more profitable. Today he’s sharing what works and how you can get started strengthening your own culture. Listen in!

Episode highlights

  • Bobby explains how “Outside Success is an Inside Job.” [2:15]
  • What are the two Super Objectives? [3:45]
  • Learn Bobby’s “Triple E” for driving a profitable culture. [6:20]
  • How does a strong culture come to the rescue when things go wrong? [10:10]
  • Hear tips for connecting communicating a common cultural thread to different parts of your organization. [13:00]

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