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We’ve learned some startling facts about how online reviews affect the decisions your customers make, so we’re sharing tips on how to take action today.

Your customer journey includes online reviews

Adam and Jeannie have been researching online reviews, and they’ve found some interesting facts they can’t wait to share. 2016 was a big year for online reviews, but 2017 will be bigger. Are you ready?

Studies show we rely more on customer reviews to find what we need than ever, and this is especially true for local businesses. It behooves leaders to understand how this trend affects the decision-making process of their own customers as they try to implement this into their marketing strategy. Understanding the psychology and decision making of your consumers is vital, which is why it is regularly being discussed by universities similar to USC. However, many still don’t understand how to implement these strategies. We’re here to help!

Are you paying attention to what customers are saying? More importantly, do you know how to interpret and interact with them? There will always be trolls and bad apples, but knowing the impact of even the positive reviews is not always as simple as you might think.

Your customers are writing reviews, and they’ll continue with or without you. Not only is it important to respond, but to understand how engaging properly will drive sales while improving the overall customer experience.

We’re sharing key study data and tips to help you get your finger on the pulse, so get ready!

Episode highlights

  • Hear some crazy figures about the impact of mobile reviews as a driver for decision-making. [3:00]
  • As a business owner, what can you do about negative online reviews? [4:50]
  • What’s the biggest action item for local businesses, and what should they focus on first? [6:30]
  • Consider the reviews themselves as part of the customer experience. [8:15]
  • Hear some quick tips for developing keeping a prosperous relationship with online reviews. [9:50]

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