Advocating for Customers

Jeannie shares a few simple ways advocating for customers can greatly improve overall experience and what any organization can do to get started.

“Who’s advocating for customers in your organization?”

No matter how buried you are in day-to-day processes, or how scarce your resources are for customer experience, this is the one question you should be able to answer. Who in your company is speaking with decision-makers on behalf of the customer?

Integrating customer advocacy into your business means great things for your culture, satisfaction scores, and overall customer experience. What’s more, it doesn’t require a costly, labor-intensive initiative you just can’t pull off right now.

Jeannie hears a lot from bootstrapped leaders looking for the number one thing they must do to improve customer experience. She has helped them find simple but powerful ways to advocate for customers in their organizations, and she’s sharing some of her best tips today!

Learn to sprinkle some customer advocacy into the way you do a few things, and the impact it has on your overall customer experience will be incredible.

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