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Adam and Jeannie are champions from the customer-centric school of Hard Knocks, and they’re sharing a few things that are missing from the typical curriculum at business schools.

What’s missing from business schools?

Business schools traditionally do not teach us how to become customer-centric in the real world, so many of today’s business leaders like Adam and Jeannie have had to combine business training, years of real-life experience, and their own tireless research to learn this the hard way.

If you’re joining us today, you know your customer service and overall customer experience can have a huge impact on business outcomes. Can you honestly say business school has taught you everything you need to know? It seems most of us could stand to learn more about understanding customers and creating lasting connections.

Today we’re naming a few subjects we’d add to the curriculum to help the next generation of leaders succeed in the age of the customer. Did you learn any of these in business school? You may want to catch up with some independent studying after the show!

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